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If you are a fan of essential oils, but hate paying the high price, this article is for you. I will be discussing top companies you probably have not heard about, that make inexpensive essential oils without any compromise on quality.

In this post you'll find out all about the best essential oil brands on the market, companies that make pure, clean, fresh, affordable and truly top quality oils which you should add to your aroma-therapeutic home kit.

Everyone says that essential oils are expensive and my friends who made essential oils part of their natural health program for their family, justify the expense of purchasing “quality” essential oils by stating they want the best oils that are “therapeutic” and therefore the only essential oil brands that are good quality?

We all want the best products but does this mean that if we buy less expensive essential oils we have to settle for poor quality? Are the expensive oils better than the more affordable brands? Read on and the answer might surprise you.

Before we move on to the reviews of these top reputable essential oil companies, so you can compare essential oil brands, let us go through some important facts you need to know about essential oils.

What Are Essential Oils?

Plants produce essential oils for two main reasons: attraction and protection. The oils lure pollinators and protect the plants from pathogens, microbes, pests and predatory animals.

Plants also produce essential oils to safeguard themselves against climate/season change as well as other harsh environmental factors. As a result, essential oils are filled with healing, medicinal properties that can also benefit humans.

When used regularly and as directed, essential oils can help people support wellness and healthy stress response.

Why Essential Oils and Aromatherapy?

Essential oils have become a household name today, but many people do not realise how powerful they actually are. It is believed that the use of essential oils dates back to the time of Moses when God directed  him to make a ‘flowing’ of cinnamon, myrrh, calamus, cassia and olive oil. The resulting mixture gave protection and treatment to those whom it was administered.

Today, aromatherapy and the use of essential oils span centuries and cultures across the globe. The earliest use of essential oils can be traced back to the Hebrews who used them for purification rituals. Greeks considered essential oils as a precious ‘gift of Gods’. Hippocrates often recommended soaking in scented baths and getting massages with essential oils to promote longevity. Traditional early Roman baths with scented oils are also well documented and famous.

The term Aromatherapie was first coined in 1936 by a French cosmetic chemist named Rene Maurice Gattefosse. There is an interesting story about how he burned his hand and for relief and without thinking about his action, dunked his finger into Lavender essential oil.

To his immense surprise, he got immediate relief from the intense pain and burning. His wound also healed quickly without blistering. This experience led Gattefosse to study the properties of not only lavender oil but other essential oils as well. And thus, aromatherapy was born.

How are Essential Oils Manufactured?

Pure essential oils are extracted from plants based on the species of plant in question. The most common method of extraction is steam distillation though many new and modern methods like solvent extraction, enfleurage and maceration are often used.

DID YOU KNOW? It takes massive amounts of flowers and plants to produce a small quantity of essential oil. For example, you need at least 60,000 rose blossoms to produce one ounce of rose oil. 220 pounds of lavender flowers will produce merely 7 pounds of lavender oil while a sandalwood tree must be at least 30 years old and at least 30 feet high before it is cut down for distillation. This is the main reason why pure essential oils are expensive.

Best Essential Oils and Their Benefits

There are about 300 essential oils in use today by practitioners of aromatherapy but an average household can fulfill most needs with about 10.

I am going to list down 10 most beneficial and top rated essential oils along with their medicinal properties. This list will help you choose what you really need when you shop for oils from brands I have reviewed below.

Add these oils to your medicinal cabinet and they will fulfill most of your needs.

1. Lavender essential oil

This is a delightful oil to use and it covers many important jobs. It is naturally antiseptic, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory. Lavender oil is also sedative and analgesic. It is most beneficial in treating burns, wounds, insect bites and stings, scars, acne and other skin problems etc.

2. Tea Tree essential oil

Tea tree oil has a very strong antiseptic action that makes it useful in treating acne, fungal skin problems, ringworm, rashes, dandruff, sunburn, warts, toothache, Athletes’ Foot, pyorrhoea etc.

3. Peppermint essential oil

Hundreds of cultures across the globe including Indian, Chinese, European, Egyptians and Native Americans have used Peppermint essential oil for centuries. This digestive oil is also anti-inflammatory and soothes and heals inflammation of the gut. Peppermint also promotes respiratory and circulatory systems. You can use it for relieving headaches, toothache, bad breath, sinus infections, colds, coughs, rheumatism, fatigue, migraines etc. It can also keep away flies, mice and other household pests.

4. Chamomile essential oil

There are two main types of Chamomile essential oils: German and Roman. Both have medicinal and healing properties. Chamomile is antiseptic, sedative, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. Use it for treating burns, allergies, nausea, fever, psoriasis, eczema, diarrhoea, sprains strains etc.

5. Eucalyptus essential oil

Early medical records show that Eucalyptus has been used as early as 1788 to treat chest infections and colic. This versatile oil cools the body in summer and protects it in winters. It has antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, analgesic and deodorising properties. Apart from coughs and colds, use it for treating symptoms of Candida, diabetes, cystitis, and sunburn. It is also a bug repellent.

6. Geranium essential oil

This is one of the few essential oils that work profoundly on the emotions. It has antibiotic and astringent properties. Use Geranium oil to fight many issues such as skin problems like acne, frostbite and infertility.

7. Rosemary essential oil

No other essential oil stimulates physically, mentally and emotionally as Rosemary essential oil does. Use it for fighting fatigue, muscle sprains, arthritis, rheumatism, depression, migraines, headaches, memory loss, cold, cough, flu and also for acne, cellulite and other beauty issues.

8. Thyme essential oil

Thyme essential oil is extremely powerful as it works on the thyroid gland and lymphatic system. So, although it has antiseptic, antibiotic, and antiviral properties, use it with extreme caution. Never apply it undiluted. You may safely diffuse it in the room when fighting the flu. Also use it for treating whooping cough, wart, rheumatism, acne and neuralgia.

9. Lemon essential oil

Lemons prevent scurvy and their essential oil is just as beneficial in warding off infections. This useful oil can be used for treating verrucas, insect bites and headaches. Its digestive properties can keep off weight gain and help you slim down. Use it to disperse cellulite fight wrinkles and other beauty treatments. Lemon essential oil of food grade variety is one of the few essential oils you can ingest. I will be covering ingestible oils later in this guide.

10. Clove essential oil

Clove essential oil is antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic. It is the best oil for relieving toothache, oral issues, sore throat etc. Use clove oil as a preventive oil for warding off infections. Also use it to prevent nausea, asthma and sinusitis.

Buying Essential Oils – What Is the Best Brand of Essential Oils?

The purity of essential oils is of utmost importance if you want to see therapeutic results. Always buy essential oils from reputed suppliers.

Now you might say that these most “reputable essential oil companies” are also known for their expensive products.

There are two very large network marketing companies boldly stating that only their essential oils are therapeutic grade and are the only top quality essential oils. Don't believe all the hype! I have enlisted the top essential oils companies you can buy affordable AND pure essential oils from. 

Whichever brand you choose, do note that there is a huge difference between “pure” essential oils and “fragrant” oils. The latter are synthetically manufactured and offer no therapeutic or medicinal results.

Apart from pure essential oils, you will also come across terms like Therapeutic Grade and Food Grade oils. These terms can be very confusing to laymen. So let me start by defining these terms before moving on to reviews of the top essential oil brands that are also inexpensive.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils – Best Quality Essential Oils?

Many essential oil companies blatantly use the terms “therapeutic grade” “aromatherapy grade” or “medicinal grade” or CPTG (certified pure therapeutic grade). These terms are misleading because there is no standardgovernmentbody that grades essential oils.

Essential oils have no set quality tests or standard measurements. Despite this fact, many companies use these terms to sell their oils. What these companies mostly try to convey to their consumers is that they are carefully sourcing their ingredients and raw materials to extract the oils from.

This is the main reason why they say their oils are “pure” and can be used for medicinal purposes. Now, there is no malicious intent behind companies using these terms. The brands simply want you to buy essentials oils from them so they hype-up their products as much as they can and try to conveying to their buyers that they are the best because they take into account the soil conditions, temperature, climate, altitude, humidity, growing and harvesting conditions, handling and bottling etc. 

Now, not all companies that label their oils as therapeutic grade are trustworthy in that; you should still be very careful when buying the oils. There are many other indicators that can convey the purity of oils. For example, make sure there are no words like “fragrance” or “perfume oil” or “nature identical oil” on the labels.

I always recommend reading online reviews before buying essential oils. To make matters easier for you, I have reviewed five inexpensive yet pure oil brands your can safely buy from. If needed, do seek the opinion of an aromatherapist about a particular brand.

Food Grade Essential Oils

When an essential oil is marked as food grade, it indicates that you can use it for therapeutic purpose as well as for flavouring. Many food grade essential oils may be ingested but you must still be very careful before doing so.

Certain oils like oregano, lemon etc are often ingested for their medicinal properties but you must always dilute them first. The best way to ingest food grade oils is to mix them up with some honey or water. Always consult a trained practitioner before ingesting oils.

I will be covering the topic of ingesting essential oils in greater detail shortly.

Which Essential Oil Company Should You Buy From?

pure essential oils

This section is going to upset some people. We have all been fed a lot of half-truths as far as essential oils and their purity are concerned. Like many people, I too was under the impression that oils sold by companies like doTerra were the best as they were labelled as 100% certified therapeutic grade.

I have already mentioned that there is no standard of testing for essential oils today anywhere in the world. So, you have to take these claims with a pinch of salt.

Is There Really a Difference in the Oils That Are Sold by Companies like doTerra and Young Living?

To answer this question, let me give you my personal example. I have used oils from Now Foods and Plant Therapy, Edens Garden oils and other brands. These oils were good and I enjoyed their aroma as well as their calming benefits. Once I had run out these oils, I thought I should upgrade to better (read pricier) essential oil brands like Young Living Essentials or doTerra.

So when my bottle of doTerra Lavender essential oil arrived, I was pretty excited. To my greatest disappointment, the lavender oil had a strong, almost synthetic smell – nothing one would expect from a brand labelled all its products as 100% certified therapeutic, pure and fresh!

This incident proved one thing: the pricier essential oils  which are labelled as “certified therapeutic grade” (CPTG) do not necessarily smell better or are not necessarily any purer than other oil brands.

As I dug deeper, I realised that there is no governing body to test and grade essential oils. Companies carry their own tests and mark their oils as CPTG. Even the aromatherapy world itself does not have any classification for oils like “therapeutic” or ‘”food grade’”etc. These are just trademarked phrases meant to lure consumers.

The truth is that you can certainly find cheaper essential oils that are as good quality as doTerra or Young Living. Please keep in mind that I am not saying that all cheap essential oils are good. Far from it. Many if not most cheap brands are not that great but there are certainly amazing inexpensive essential oils that are as good quality as the two MLM brands (or even better). I have reviewed them in this article.

How to Choose Essential Oils?

Have you been duped by high-priced essential oil brands?

To start with, let me clarify that I have nothing against companies like doTerra and other best essential oil companies.

Network marketing companies allow man and women establish and run amazing home businesses from home and have given many people financial independence and time freedom but I certainly find their oils expensive.

They justify the price by stating that they grow their raw ingredients themselves and never use fertilizers or chemicals for spraying on their plants. Sure, their oils may be pure but so are the oils mentioned in my review below.

STOP PRESS! Does doTerra and Young Living really make best pure essential oils?

“Kohn, Swift & Graf, P.C. is currently investigating certain essential oil products claiming to be natural and pure. However, in reality, there are allegations that they contain petroleum products, which are synthetic, unnatural ingredients. Young Living and doTerra are two manufacturers getting the most attention.” Read more here.

 We often believe that just because something is expensive, it is better. That is not necessary the case; many smaller essential oil companies are really good essential oil brands (they make pure and concentrated – not diluted or contaminated), which are at a much lower price than their network marketing counterparts.

This is owing to lower insurance costs and not because of “impure ingredients” or “cheap manufacturing tactics”. In general, remember the following list of criteria if you want to ensure that a company or brand is dependable:

7 Criteria to Help You Choose High Quality Essential Oil Brands

  • Third party testing for purity and manufacturing standards. Essential oil companies who voluntarily have their products tested for quality are the ones you should buy products from. It's unlikely you will find adulterated or poor quality essential oils from companies who voluntarily undergo third party testing for their products. Check the company website to see if the test results are easily available.
  • The company should have organic and kid-safe essential oil options.
  • The company should have had several years of experience. It should come with an address and phone number.
  • They ideally should source raw materials from indigenous locations and only use organic or wild crafted ingredients sourced from small farms.
  • The company should guarantee no use of chemicals or fertilisers.
  • It should have reasonable product prices and shipping costs and no-nonsense return policy.
  • They should provide the users with good educational resources and also have a common sense approach to using essential oils and not over-recommend their use.

From all I have seen doTerra and Young Living essential oils are not any better than several quality brands available elsewhere, therefore I would consider them as essential oil companies to avoid if you want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without spending too much money. The best place to buy essential oils is Amazon because you can buy there any of the quality recommended brands.

I also don't like that the companies/distributors recommend ingesting the essential oils on a daily basis which has the potential to harm you long term. Aromatherapy is amazing but adding EOs to drinking water or your child's pancakes is not how you should use essential oils responsibly.

Now I come to the best part. Top rated essential oil brands in 2018 that won’t break your budget!

Best Essential Oil Brands: Reputable Essential Oil Companies You Can Trust

Here is my review of top reputable essential oil companies. I chose these brands because hey meet all or most of the seven criteria I outlined in this article.

1. Plant Therapy Essential Oils Review

Plant Therapy essential oils is an amazing brand – one of the few reputable essential oil companies you can trust. The oils are refreshing and their blends are unique. Plant Therapy oils are top quality and they are also afordable.

Plant Therapy was founded in 2011 with a mission to provide quality, affordable essential oils and the company has truly lived up to its mission. The oils sold by Plant Therapy are 100% pure and of the highest quality. The have undergone some of the strictest quality assurances and testing in the industry.

The set below is very popular and it's the ESSENTIAL essential oils set. It Includes Plant Therapy’s top 14 oils, including 7 single oils and 7 synergies. It comes in a gorgeous wooden box with an easy space for each oil and it's a fantastic gift set set for anyone starting to use essential oils. Check out Plant Therapy 7 & 7 Essential Oil Set here

Plant Therapy is my brand of choice. Let me tell you more about Plant Therapy best quality essential oils and explain why I like them so much.

  • Plant Therapy is one of the purest essential oil brands. The company strictly evaluates the oils and sends them to third-party testing facilities. Every bottle of oil that you purchase from Plant Therapy will have a specific batch code. This batch information is directly linked to the testing reports for each batch of oil. These test reports are public – you can see them by going to the essential oil’s product page and clicking on Test Reports. I love this transparency and it was one of the reasons why I use Plant Therapy essential oils.
  • Plant Therapy check their suppliers' background and reputation and test samples of EOs from the suppliers to ensure that the oils they use in Plant Therapy products are pure and of the highest quality. They source oils from top suppliers around the world.
  • Plant Therapy teamed-up with Robert Tisserand – internationally regarded aromatherapy expert. He has been evaluating essential oils professionally for over 30 years. Plant Therapy essential oils are organoleptically tested by Robert Tisserand.
  • Plant Therapy have a full selection of essential oils available, including certified organic oils. They are 100% pure, undiluted oils with no additives or fillers. Simply the best essential oils to buy. Plant Therapy have the best organic essential oils you can buy and, what is even better, they are not much more expensive that the regular ones. 
  • Plant Therapy also sell diffusers, storage cases, oil blends, body products and even products for men.
  • Plant Therapy make inexpensive essential oils
  • I absolutely love Plant Therapy KidSafe® line (oils that have been developed especially for children aged 2-10): This series of oils and blends is designed for kid-specific issues in mind such as stuffy noses, hyperactivity and stings and bites. It is very important to practise safe essential oil use when you have small children.
  • Plant Therapy KidSafe range makes it super easy to use essential oils safely and responsibly even by novice essential oils users mums and dads. Plant Therapy oils for kids are full-strength essential oils – just made with a selection of oil ingredients that are safe for your child. Check out this Plant Therapy KidSafe Starter Set on Amazon. It's a set of six roll-ons and it includes 100% pure pre-diluted synergies of Germ Destroyer, Skin Soother, Immune Boom, Nighty Night, Tummy All Better, Sniffle Stopper.The KidSafe line has been designed and overseen by Robert Tisserand.
  • Plant Therapy provide great support and materials for their customers. You can earn customer loyalty rewards points by shopping with Plant Therapy. The company offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 
  • You can purchase Plant Therapy Oils on Amazon or directly from the company. Please note that you will earn customer loyalty rewards points only by shopping direct.

Plant Therapy’s standards of quality are some of the strictest in the industry. Before they sell an essential oil they do everything possible to establish that it is 100% pure, natural, AND of the highest quality, making it appropriate for use in aromatherapy. They truly are the best essential oils on the market.

If you want to buy any of the Plant Therapy products at a discount buy directly from Plant Therapy.Click here to get a New Customers 10% off on your first order at Plant Therapy

Shop Today for great deals on Plant Therapy essential oils!

2.  Eden Gardens Essential Oils

 Edens Garden is one of the best essential oil brands to buy EOs for less without compromise on quality. You can purchase their oils in different sizes ranging from 5ml to up to 100 ml. 

The company subjects each of their oil to GC/MS testing which is gas chromatography and mass spectrometry testing.

What this means is that each and every oil is passed through special apparatus to separate its volatile components. These tests ensure that there is no adulteration and each and every oil is very pure. You can see the GC-MS report for each oil before buying it.

I am often asked why are Eden Gardens are so cheap but many experienced aromatherapists have used Edens Garden essential oils and compared their quality to those from Young Living  so you do not have to worry that they are somehow inferior. 

The oils’ smell is almost exactly as the other pricier brands. I have used their starter kit, and like me, I am sure you will be very impressed with its packaging.

Other users have even subjected these oils to paper evaporation test which these oils have passed with flying colours. Edens Garden oils quality is superb.

All in all, Eden Gardens is a great brand for even the choosiest of choosy aromatherapists who are extremely particular about what they want. The best part of buying from Edens Garden is: you get a fantastic FREE resource on 150 Ways To Use Essential Oils. You can download this report here.

The company is also well known for educating its users; they offer a super easy to follow free Dilution Chart which they have created with user safety in mind. Also on their FAQ page, they have clearly mentioned the difference in between therapeutic grade and food grade oils.

Many of their users have ingested some of oils safely as they are so pure. (As always, use caution if you wish to do so.) Other salient features of Eden Gardens:

  • The company is more than 15 years old.
  • It has a whopping collection of oils – essential and carrier oils, gift sets etc.
  • They have built a strong foundation of trust and safety.
  • Good quality essential oils for many purposes
  • Topical use of Edens Garden essential oils is known to rejuvenate skin and improve complexion. Many people have experienced these enhanced beauty benefits.

If you are looking for inexpensive yet 100% pure, clean and fresh oils that are much less expensive than doTerra or Young Living, you will love Edens Garden essential oils. You can buy them on Amazon and  this is the best selling Edens Garden essentials oil set.

3. ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Thousands of happy ArtNaturals customers (at the time of writing this review) have praised this brand for its paraben free, cruelty free products, great smell and wonderful packaging.

Art Naturals essential oils are great for using in diffusers as well as topically.

Check out the ArtNaturals aromatherapy essential oils here .

The set of 8 essential oils is great to gift to someone but if you are looking for a set with 16 oils, you can get the larger option here. On the downside, the bottles do not come with droppers. Also there are no directions on these tiny bottles for how to mix the oils, but you can visit their website here for details.

4. NOW Essential Oils Review

Now Foods (NOW®) started their natural foods and supplements business over 60 years ago. They are based in Chicago, Illinois, USA providing high-quality personal care products, foods, supplements and essential oils to  consumers.

They are primarily involved with the production of nutritional foods and vitamin supplements. They have never compromised on their quality of products. All of the oils are manufactured resulting in the high purity and quality.

NOW Foods was founded in 1948 on the belief that good health is not a luxury available only to the wealthy Therefore the company has always manufactured high-quality, affordable health products. NOW essential oils are produced with attention to detail using high quality ingredients. The company insists on using the best raw botanicals available, process them with gentle extraction methods, and commit to producing industry-leading quality.

All NOW oils are pure, natural, highly concentrated and free of synthetic compounds. A selection of NOW Foods essential oils are classified as Certified Organic. Those oils are grown in soil that is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizer and herbicidal residues. 

NOW Essential Oils are GC/FTIR verified, which is an aromatherapy industry-standard testing qualification. If you have some specific questions about NOW essential oils quality, view the company's very informative Essential Oils FAQs information page.

NOW oils are sold as individual oils, starter sets or gift kits, making it easy to dive into using essential oils without having to decide which single oils to order to begin with. Check out their most popular Essential Oils 5-Pack Variety Sampler on Amazon. 

You can also choose some of their starter kits that are fantastic if you just beginning to use essential oils and not sure what oils to go for or are after an inexpensive gift for your loved one.

Try NOW Let There Be Peace and Quiet Relaxing Essential Oil Kit that includes most popular relaxing oils and blends, NOW Love at First Scent Essential Oils Kit for those who like nature's most romantic essences, including bergamot, cinnamon and rose, and the very popular NOW Put Some Pep in Your Step Uplifting Essential Oil Kit that rejuvenates and energises anytime, anywhere.

5. Radha Beauty Essential Oils

Radha Beauty essential oils are also CPTG or certified pure, therapeutic grade. Of course, that does not mean much, as we all know now.

However, it does indicate that the company sources its raw materials from reputed sources.

You can use these oils safely topically, in diffusers, for inhalation or even for household cleaning. Please visit their website for further details and educational information.

Users who have tried Radha Beauty essential oils love them for their long lasting fragrances. The packaging is great and the price is brilliant for beginners and veterans of aromatherapy alike.

Radha oils are one of best rated essential oils. More than 9000 happy customers (at the time of writing this review) have given this brand a near 5 star rating; which goes to show that it is indeed one of the best reputable essential oil companies out there. They are also inexpensive essential oils you can trust.

The fact that many customers are returning for their second or third purchase also goes to show that this is a dependable brand you can trust. See Radha essential oils on Amazon here.

And these are one of the best pure essential oils with great reputation and affordable products which I have used and loved and hope you will too.

Difference Between Therapeutic Grade and Food Grade Oils

The main reason why we cannot and should not use essential oils for frying, sautéing etc is because of their delicate chemical composition.

Cooking oils like coconut, olive oil and canola oil etc have stable molecules – they are fixed oils. Essential oils on the other hand are volatile oils. They just cannot withstand heat and are so highly concentrated that cooking with them can affect flavours and even safety of the food.

Also, just because a substance is natural and pure, does not indicate that it is safe for ingestion.

Therefore, ingesting of essential oils should strictly be done under the supervision of a reputed aromatherapist. Also, not all essential oils are suitable for ingestion. You may only ingest those essential oils that are labelled as safe for consumption. Some of the main potentially ingestible essential oils (only when manufacturer has labelled them as safe for ingestion) are: coriander, fennel, chamomile, rose, nutmeg, marjoram, ylang ylang and palmarosa.

As stated over and over, there is no FDA regulation for the terms “therapeutic and food grade”. Companies may use these terms interchangeably as well.

Do not consume any oil unless you are sure it is safe; speak to a practitioner. Note that many reputable essential oil companies like Young Living carry an entire section of so called “healthy cooking” oils which are labelled as “100% therapeutic”. I hope I have made my point.

To use these essential oils, you will also need a good quality diffuser. Here is my review of VicTsing Diffuser.

VicTsing – Best Essential Oils Diffuser

The reason why I loved VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser is the whopping number of positive reviews it has received apart from my personal positive experience using it.

Nearly 3000 people (at the time of writing this review) have given it a 5 star rating and it's #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

I loved its unique, compact design; it is a diffuser you would want to flaunt in your living room. The assembly and disassembly is also easy – just remove the cap when you want to access the oil reservoir for changing the oil or cleaning its inside.

VicTsing humidifier-diffuser also has a large reservoir capacity and great mist output. This means that it covers a wider area so you get to enjoy your oils’ fragrances in all corners of the room where they are diffused. You also get a noise-free operation; no irritating mechanical humming to disturb your tranquillity.

VicTsing diffuser also comes in variable timer settings-you can choose to run it for 1 hour, 3 hours or even up to 6 hours. It also has an auto-switch off feature for when the water runs out- this enhances safety of operation. There is a cute LED light which has 7 different colours.

Worry not – they have also give you the option of switching it off at night. Check out all the other features of this beautiful and functional diffuser and order it here.

A couple of negative features of this diffuser are that it does not come with a USB adapter, so you cannot use it in your car. Also, you must always make sure to use distilled water in it as against regular tap water especially if you live in an area with hard water.

Cleanup of the unit is pretty easy – just run a damp cloth on the inside. You can safely use any of the best essential oils I have reviewed above.


It is very important that you educate yourself about essential oils and their healing powers before you purchase them. Many oils can be irritating to the skin and lungs when used incorrectly or in large amounts. Pregnant women must talk to their OB/GYN or an experienced therapist before using any oils. Parents must be extra careful about diffusing certain oils around babies.

Keep in mind that essential oils are not nutritional supplements and should not be used as such. If you want to feel great and be healthy, eat fresh food, exercise and take high quality nutritional supplements

That said; essential oils can heal, calm, soothe and relax your mind and body. Before you go purchasing these oils, do your homework. Understand how different blends work and consider the specific applications you want to use them for.

Good essential oil brands do not have to be expensive. Pricier essential oils do not necessarily indicate better quality and you don't have to buy EOs from doTerra or Young Living to enjoy pure essential oils. Contrary to what the two brands want you to believe, they are not the only best essential oil companies.

That is why I have recommended top 5 inexpensive best quality essential oil brands. They sell 100% pure, clean and fresh oils and you can enjoy them without having to shell out a lot of money.

About the Author

Barbara is the founder and owner of She is a former research scientist with a serious passion for health. She enjoys writing about nutrition, wellness and lifestyle and empowering people to take control of their health.

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    I am not selling anything. In 1999 I was allergic to virtually everthing to eat and 11 things in the air with 20 meds with. Breathing tx. and steroids. I was tricked into using the essential 7 kit and on the couch most of the time. One !month later I was off 18 of those meds, no asthma meds or attacks. I went to a church dance for the first time in 5 years. I have had more miracles than this site could hold since then. I tried other oils. None compared. Go more smell. I go for results. Dr. Young was fanatic about no chemicals in the products or the soil. I dare you to print this. I am long term critical care nurse.

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  • I love my oils and couldn’t do life without them . Such good information in this article!!

  • I have been meaning to look more into essential oils. This post was super helpful in guiding me in the right direction.

  • I’ve often contemplated buying some of the more expensive oils, but the prices have always prevented me from doing so. I love Art naturals and the Now brand. I find both are great for diffusing and for using with carrier oils.

  • I love my essential oils. Lavender is a staple in my home.

  • I love oils, but I always find so many that are pretty expensive. I need to look into these brands because they are much more into my price range. Thank you!

    • Jo Ann Aaron Crosby says:

      It is better to have 2 or 3 quality oils than a shelf full of cheaper perfumes. Melissa, Frankencense and Ledum are expensive because of cost in growing or production. You would not use an expensive when a cheaper one like peppermint or eucalyptus would work. Make sure the ones you use are quality. Unless you are using one of the stronger ones you should not have to dilute it. Dilution will make them go further. Record the results you get to compare. The Bible is full of essential oils. Good health to you.

  • I feel like there is so many “facts” out there about EO’s. It doesn’t help that people are trying to sell their product so it will obviously seem to be the best.

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