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What Are Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are basically soap with essential oils and other ingredients. You simply drop them in your bath water to enjoy a healthy and relaxing bath that makes your skin feel amazing and leaves your mind stress free.

Bath bombs relieve skin issues, promote relaxation, alleviate stress and depression and give you energy after a long and tiring day. They are available in sets of six, eight or more so they make fantastic gifts for all sorts of occasions. 

Health Benefits of Bath Bombs

Relax and De-stress

The idea of bath bombs is to combine a luxurious bath with the soothing benefits of aromatherapy. Bath bombs have a wide number of ingredients making them up but mostly they contain essential oils along with other natural or chemical ingredients.

When you place a bath bomb in the tub, the essential oils get released into the water. Inhaling the scent of these oils helps you de-stress and relax the tension in the muscles. Essential oils are also proven to fight anger, sleep issues, anxiety (you can also try anxiety blanket at night to relax and sleep better) , depression, and other negative emotions. They literally soothe away negativity and uplift our mood and senses.

Make Bath Times Fun

Why should kids have all the fun? Even adults wish to relax and enjoy in their bath time and bath bombs provide that enjoyment. No matter what your age, it is hard not to get entranced by these fizzy delights.

As soon as the bombs hit the water, they fizz, dissolve and foam releasing relaxing and rejuvenating aromas into the air. Your bathroom will literally smell like a spa retreat!

Some bath bombs also colour the water enhancing the fun. Many bath bomb manufacturers add a bit of glitter to the balls to leave your bath water sparkling and shiny.

Target Specific Ailments

Since aromatherapy based bath bombs contain specific ingredients and essential oils, you need to choose them carefully.

For example, if you tend to suffer from backaches or neck pain etc, then you might want to select bombs containing black pepper essential oil or Wintergreen oil. These oils are known to promote blood circulation to alleviate pain.

Likewise, bath bombs with Lavender oil, Rose oil, Rosemary oil or Orange oil help promote stress relief and relaxation and also fight skin issues like itchiness, acne, etc. This is because; these essential oils are known de-stressor and are proven to be therapeutic and uplifting.

So, depending on your ailment you can choose your bath bombs. There are more than 110 essential oils available in the market with different medicinal properties. Study the properties of oils you like and choose your bath bombs accordingly.

Choosing Best Bath Bombs and Bath Bomb Sets

As can be seen, the specific health benefits of bath bombs depend on the essential oil used in them. However, you also need to choose these products from the right vendor.

Good quality bath bombs contain pure essential oil whereas inferior products will likely contain only fragrance oils that do not offer any health benefits whatsoever. So whether you are looking to target skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis, acne or to relieve muscular aches and pains; select a good quality bath bomb with the best ingredients.

Although you can buy individual bath bombs, it is best to purchase bath bomb sets as they are usually beautifully packed in boxes so they look amazing as gifts.

Lush Bath Bombs: What Makes Lush Bath Bombs So Popular?

The reason why Lush Bath Bombs are so popular is that the company can be considered as the pioneer in commercial bath bombs. It is also the company that started making best bath bombs without toxic ingredients.

Lush has always demonstrated a great deal of creativity in all their cosmetics. They took the simple bath salts and bath oils and have changed them into items that people love, depend upon and come back to again and again. Lush bath bombs have exclusive scents and formulations which make bath times unique.

Their bath bombs change colours, contain glitters as well as exotic additions like herbs, flower petals etc. Many other bath products from Lush display this ingenuity. For example, their shampoos turn into jellies whereas their solid bars, when warmed, turn into moisturising lotions. All these offer consumers a unique and special experience.

Lush also is an environmentally friendly company. Their ingredients are sourced ethically from sustainable resources and almost all of them are 100% natural, organic and vegan. Their motto is to enable their customers to make a positive ethical impact on the world without too much effort.

Lush also endeavours to reduce landfills by reducing the use of preservatives in bath products with minimal packaging. Their proceeds also go to various charities. Some other innovative eco-friendly ideas by Lush include offering free beauty products to customers in return for empty pots and so on.

How Much Do Lush Bath Bombs Cost?

Lush bath bombs are quite expensive as expected since they use the purest of ingredients. Also, since the brand is so popular, they charge just for their name.

A single bath bomb by Lush can cost anywhere from $4 to $11 a piece. For many consumers, paying such prices for a bath product can be quite inconvenient. Thankfully there are many alternatives to Lush bath bombs which offer the same experience without the associated high cost.

Today I will review 7 awesome alternatives to Lush bath bombs. These brands also source their ingredients ethically and use natural, organic and vegan substances in their bath bombs sets. The best part: all these companies offer the products for a lot less compared to Lush products. So without further delay, here are my top picks for the best alternatives to Lush:

Best Alternatives To Lush - Where To Buy Cheap Bath Bombs That Are Natural And Organic

Take one look at the sweet packaging of this bath bomb gift set and you will fall in love!

Rejuvelle bath bombs are handmade in the USA and they contain 100% pure, natural and organic ingredients and essential oils. 

The bath bombs do not contain colours, chemicals or dyes so that you need not have to sit cleaning your tub after the bath.

Special Features of Rejuvelle Bath Bomb Gift Set

  • Unique gift tins that your recipients will love. Each bomb is also individually packaged so it is like unwrapping a gift each time you use one.
  • Sensuous and energizing, these bath bombs are ideal to gift to a spouse, your mother or friends. They contain different essential oils to target specific ailments or simply to relax, rejuvenate or energize the senses.
  • Rejuvelle use 100% organic and natural ingredients and can be safely used on eczema-prone or sensitive skin.
  • Even men reportedly love these fizzy bath bombs.
  • Rejuvelle bath bombs make great alternatives to Lush as they offer the same value for a lower price!
  • You will surely smell amazing and bath times will become fun like never before with these bombs. The high-quality essential oils will leave your skin feeling tingly, soft and smooth.
  • Many users reported that these bath balls are even better than the more expensive products they have used before!
  • You can also use these wonders just for soaking your feet in.
  • Rejuvelle is also known to sell bath bombs in recyclable egg cartons in case you do not want the tin. This proves that the company is eco-friendly and concerned about the environment.
  • Rejuvelle bath bomb gift set has even been voted as the No. #1 Most Wished Gift on Amazon, so do't wait order this luxurious set here. They really are the best bath bombs you can buy.

HanZa Vegan Bath Bomb Set

HanZa bath bombs are proudly made in the USA and comparable to the expensive Lush Bath Bombs without the associated cost.

In fact; compared to Lush bombs, HanZa vegan bath bombs are actually larger as they measure approximately the size of a golf ball! This gives you value for money. Here are some more salient features of HanZa Vegan Bath Bombs.

Special Features of HanZa Vegan Bath Bomb Set

  • Compared to the standard 6 in a box, HanZa bath bomb kit contains 8 bombs.
  • The company offers a "zero compromise on value and quality" at the best possible low price.
  • Each kit contains elegantly packed bath bombs in individual wrappers which literally look like jewels.
  • They use the best ingredients that are 100% natural and pure including shea butter, medicinal clay and 100% therapeutic essential oils.
  • Thousands of users have used and loved HanZa bath bombs and many have purchased them over and over for gifting and personal use.
  • Since the balls contain purest of ingredients, they smell heavenly!
  • They have no SLS that could harm the skin.
  • HanZa vegan bath balls dissolve slowly and completely in the water without leaving any residue to clean up.
  • Many users have claimed that they are much better than Lush Bath Bombs and that is not just due to the lower price.
  • Even people with sensitive skin did not break out in hives after using these awesome Lush alternatives.
  • Excellent value for the excellent price and proudly made in the US!
  • For people who do not like strong scents or glitter, these are the perfect bath bombs.
  • HanZa Vegan Bath Bombs are Number 1 best seller on Amazon with over 4K positive reviews. See how inexpensive they are here.

LifeAround2Angels call themselves the bath company with a passion. Their products are made in California and they use 100% natural, pure and organic ingredients.

LifeAround2Angels bath bombs are Number 1 best seller on Amazon and are overall 5-star rated.

Special Features of LifeAround2Angels 12 Bath Bomb Gift Set

  • Therapeutic and moisturizing, the ingredients in all 12 bath bombs are suitable for dry, sensitive, combination, oily or eczema prone skin.
  • Each bomb is about 2 inches in diameter.
  • These moisturizing bath bombs do not contain any toxins or artificial ingredients making them ideal for kids’ sensitive skin as well.
  • 12 different scents range from tropical coconut and mango-papaya to Victorian rose, vanilla, lavender, lemongrass, melon etc.
  • These great Lush alternatives contain pure olive and coconut oils, vitamin E oil and flower petals. Many of these bath bombs contain glitter.
  • LifeAround2Angels bath bomb gift set is ideal for gifting for any occasion.
  • They are also completely safe for use in jetted tubs, though you might have to rinse the tub afterwards.

ArtNaturals Bath Bombs Gift Set - Organic and Natural

How much are bath bombs? The ones by Lush cost nearly $5 to $10 a piece. So if you are looking for some cheaper alternatives to Lush, you will surely love these beauties from ArtNaturals!

The set of 6 bombs is individually wrapped and each one contains organic shea butter along with a host of natural ingredients.

Special Features of ArtNaturals Bath Bomb Gift Set

  •  Antioxidant-rich bath bombs from ArtNaturals will heal, relax, cleanse, restore and rejuvenate your skin. They are completely paraben and cruelty-free.
  • These six beauties are ideal for gifting friends during the Holidays. They contain Dead Sea salts, Epsom salts, kaolin clay and Shea butter. The essential oils rejuvenate skin and hair while making bath times therapeutic and fun.
  • Many people actually healed their eczema prone skin by using these great Lush alternatives.
  • Parents can easily get their kids excited about bath time with these fizzies!
  • ArtNaturals pretty packaging makes this an ideal set for gifting.
  • Not just your bathroom, your entire house will smell great after using these fizzy delights!
  • People also reported sleeping better after soaking in the medicated water prior to bedtime
  • Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, ArtNaturals bath bombs are a great choice.  Click here to buy a set on Amazon.

Divine Botanics Set of 6 Extra Large Bath Bombs

Divine Botanics XL bath bombs contain 100% therapeutic grade essential oils without any artificial fragrances or colours.

This means you need not clean your bathtub after using this Lush bath bomb alternative. The company proudly handcrafts all their products in the USA. Essential oils used in these bombs range from pure, 100% therapeutic grade Orange, Lavender, YlangYlang, to Sandalwood, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

The attractive packaging makes this a unique gift for your loved ones. Here are some more features of Divine Botanics bath bombs set:

Special Features of Divine Botanics XL Bath Bombs

  • You get a free Konjac sponge to exfoliate your skin when you buy this organic bath bomb set.
  • These fragrant, organic and all natural bath bombs contain ingredients like organic coconut oil, shea butter, along with a blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Divine Botanics take great care while making them. Each bomb is uniquely blended and dried and immediately wrapped lovingly in crinkle paper to ensure that no moisture enters it. It is due to this that they have a long shelf life of approximately 7-9 months.
  • Size of each bomb is approximately 4-4.5 ounces.
  • This is indeed an awesome set for gifting. It is even perfect for sensitive skin.

A couple of negative points about these fizzy fragrant bath bombs:

  • Some users felt that these bombs were slightly large for small tubs-they are better equipped for vacation Jacuzzi.
  • The packaging is apparently not that great and sometimes the scents seep into each other.

All in all, these are good bath bombs like lush if you are looking for less expenssive bath bomb alternatives to Lush. Check them out on Amazon.

Bath Bombs By Sky Organics

Make bath times seriously fun by immersing into these fizzy alternatives to expensive Lush bath bombs

Sky Organics handcrafts each of these huge bombs lovingly in the United States and each one weighs 5 ounces along with an explosion of colours.

Special Features of Bath Bombs by Sky Organics

  • Each XL size bath bomb by Sky Organics is approximately the size of a tennis ball. It contains 100% organic and holistic ingredients that won’t stain your tubs or abrade your delicate skin. In fact; its unique blend of Epsom salts and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils will leave your skin feeling soft and invigorated.
  • When you buy this set, you receive a free eBook with beauty tips and DIY recipes to enhance your beauty.
  • Sky Organics Bath Bombs are vegan gluten free and non GMO. These properties make them great alternatives to pricier Lush products.
  • Since there are no chemical alternatives, these bombs are perfectly suited for sensitive skin as well.
  • Special kids’ sets containing Pokémon figurines are also available.
  •  Each fizzy delight will colour your tub water with attractive hues without staining your bathtub. Your entire house will smell heavenly as soon as you open the box!
  • Some bombs contain glitter; be prepared to clean the tub after.
  • Sky Organics bath bombs are rated 4.5 stars on Amazon and you can order them here.

Pure Sanctum Luxury Bath Bomb Set

Each of these huge bath bombs from Pure Sanctum is 6 ounces in size - comparable to Lush bath bombs without the high price. Here are some more special features of this luxury bath balls set:

Special Features of Pure Sanctum Bath Bomb Set

  • These mega-sized balls contain 100% pure essential oils which smell fantastic and impart a wide range of health benefits for mind and body.
  • The tennis ball sized, completely vegan and non GMO balls make an ideal bath bomb gift set for your loved ones.
  • The company is also offering special promotions, so check out this site to see if there are any great offers.
  • Special ingredients in these bath bombs include pure sweet almond oil, pure coconut oil and witch hazel with antiseptic properties. They are completely sulphate and phthalate free.
  • Unlike Lush Bath bombs which are mass-produced, Pure Sanctum proudly hand makes each bath bomb lovingly.
  • High quality, fantastic smell bath bombs will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft.

And these are my top 7 picks for the best alternatives to Lush bath bombs. I hope you enjoy these products and save a lot of money in the process.

Holidays will soon be here and now is the time to buy these great Lush alternatives and get started with your  shopping. To enjoy these bath bombs, I recommend you also invest in a bath pillow.

A bath pillow allows you to rest your neck while you are soaking in the fizzy delights. This helps prevent strain on your shoulders and neck and even lets you read or take a nap whilst your skin soaks the medicinal properties of aroma-therapeutic oils present in the bath bombs.

Here is my favourite Bath Pillow and its review:

Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Bath Pillow with Two Panel

Hundreds of customers have given the Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow a 5-star rating. This popular bath pillow is Number 1 Best Seller on Amazon and comes with suction cups that hold it firmly on any surface. It contains 2 inches of foam padding that gently supports your head and neck while you relax in the bath. 

Here are some special features of Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow:

Special Features of Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow

  • The ergonomic design of this bath pillow fits any surface and is ideal for all purposes including spa, home tubs, garden Jacuzzis etc.
  • It is easy to clean and all you need to do it wipe it down after each use. You can even remove each suction cup to clean underneath.
  • The luxury bath pillow comes with numerous suction cups to prevent pesky slippage.
  • Its orthopaedic design supports head and neck gently and firmly.
  • The 2-inch thick foam is protected from water thanks to its waterproof cover on the outside.
  • The pillow does not get smelly nor does it accumulate mildew.
  • Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Pillow will fit most tubs irrespective of the depth or width. It is even suited for oval garden tubs.
  • Makes your relaxing bath time (with bath bombs) experience even better without straining your neck and shoulders!
  • Order your own luxurious Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow here on Amazon.

When your muscles are aching and you have had a long day at work, or simply when winter has everything in its cold, icy grip, a relaxing bath is what you need to relax, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries.

Whether you are a bath worshipper or simply someone looking for a memorable gift to give on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or birthdays; you will love these 7 Lush bath bomb alternatives. These are sure to transform bath time from an enjoyable experience to a truly pampering one.

The reviewed alternatives to Lush bath bombs will help you save tons of money and their delightful aromas and fizzes will make gifting them, and more importantly, using them, a truly enjoyable experience!

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