Comments are the life-blood of a blog and they bring a blog to life as much if not more so than even the best content. I sincerely appreciate the time you take to comment!

Spam and keywords instead of name

comment rulesComments have the ability to build up or tear down your reputation. They are a record of who you are and what you stand for, so take care, be gracious, make sure they add value.

The reason for leaving a comment on this (or any other) blog is to contribute to the discussion, to ask questions, to participate. It’s not to get backlinks to your website.

We’re trying to build a community here, and that’s difficult to do if you insist on being known as “Discount House Insurance”. It is hard to have a conversation if readers only know you as “Best Dog Toys”! That depersonalises the entire experience and discussion.

Leaving keywords in the comment name field is a tactic often employed by spammers. You don’t want to come across as a spammer do you? Leave keywords in the name field though, and you will look like a spammer. Wouldn’t you rather look like a normal human being? Of course you would.


I understand completely that you may not want to leave your real name for a variety of reasons. Sometimes topics on this blog get a little personal, perhaps controversial. In some cases you may have a valid point to add to the discussion, but not want everyone to know your real full name. No problem, leave your first name only. Unless you are Madonna or Oprah, then leaving just a first name means no one will really know who you are.

So please, just leave your name in the comments. I know for a fact that a lot of readers click on the URLs left in comment forms. If you leave good comments, those that contribute to and further the discussion, you will get people visiting your site. Way better than looking like a spammer…

Now lets take a look at what makes up an acceptable commens

◾If you have anything to add, discuss, encourage or share, please say it with a comment.

◾Comments must be on topic in some shape or fashion.

◾It’s ok to include a direct backlink in your comment, to another post by yourself or others, long as it’s relevant, adds to the conversation, and you explain how the link is related.

◾I reserve the right to edit comments for clarity/readability as necessary but generally I refrain from it. There is no need to apologise for “broken English” as we are a global community. All are welcome here as long as I can make heads or tails of the English, it gets approved. English however is required. Many of my best friends are international so I understand the situation!

◾I reserve the right to break any and all suspicious links, incomplete sites, blatant impersonal affiliate sites, Google unfriendly sites, risky neighbourhoods including gambling/sex and including both url and comment links when deemed necessary.

◾Dissenting points of view are always fine – just be respectful of other readers and our authors. No insults, meanness, or flaming – or you will be promptly deleted, moderated or banned.

◾By submitting a comment here you grant this site a perpetual license to reproduce your words and name or link in attribution. If you’re not cool with this, please DO NOT submit your comment. If you are a spammer, you’re wasting your time. Anti-Spam plugins mean your comment never sees the light of day.

◾If you are a sneaky spammer, we will look at what you’re linking to before we publish your comment. If you say something like “Great Post” then link to Casino Central or Seduction Today, consider yourself banned.

◾A gravatar image which is the pictures that appear next to comments, of yourself will greatly improve the likelihood that I view you as a real and not a spambot. It takes five minutes to register a gravatar account and fill out your profile there and gains you a lot of credibility. Unless your a spammer please get a gravatar!

For most of you, you don’t even need to read this page, because you already know how to add value. Please catch the spirit of these rules, rather than necessarily the “letter of the law”, and understand why they are what they are and what they are aimed at accomplishing.

You are my welcomed guests. I invite you into my blog. And if I can be of any further assistance… or you have an questions… I look forward to hearing from you!


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