child using internetDo you think parental controls for the Internet are sufficient to provide 100% safety for the computer youngest users?  The Internet is so wide environment that it’s almost impossible to be sure that your kids are protected. There is even no possibility to completely protect the computer, not mentioning the users.

What Should We Be Afraid Of?

There are a bunch of activities that can support the process of protecting the users. Especially kids are exposed to many kinds of threats that are lurking in the web.

Things like pornographic web pages as well as websites that contain violent and brutal content can be met even few times a day during surfing on the net. Different kinds of threats on the Internet are sexual predators.

It comes easily for them to gather information about the youngest through social media websites. In the beginning, they were using chats to create some relationships with the youngest but now, in the age of social media communication, they adapt to it and are able to use it very effectively.

How Can Parents Deal with That?

First thing should be educating the youngest. The most important thing is to build awareness in the children’s mind. Only then the youngster will probably understand why the parents are worried about him and there is a chance that he or she will follow their advice. Without that, any request will be treated as a forcing to do something and that is what kids hate the most.

Next step is to show children how to use the Net, social media and any other feature that is available online, but firstly parents should properly educate themselves in that matter. So at the beginning mother and father should create some profiles on a various social media portals and see how it works, what features each of them provide.

After that, parents should sit with their kids and step by step show them how to properly use the social media and any programs connected to the net. At this stage, the conversation about personal data should be performed. Adults should explain that such information should be kept in a secret. Also picking and uploading various photos should be done with special care and mentioned during the conversation according to paedophiles issue.

After the kid realizes how bad consequences may come from using the Internet in an inappropriate way, adults can think about installing the parental controls on the computer. It will help kids to avoid websites containing undesired content. There is plenty of software like that on the market. Even some operating systems have got built-in features that increase the level of security on the computer devices.

Parental controls for computer usually has got many features like for instance creating a blacklist of the websites that should be blocked at the attempt of access there or filter on the mailbox that is taking care of the messages that are coming from unknown sources. Some of the programs can even regulate the time during which the user is able to use the computer or the Internet alone.

To sum up, there are plenty of methods that can be used in order to provide some level of the security but only the combination of all of them can bring the 100% of certainty that the kids are protected against the Internet threats at least at home.

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