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​​​​Looking for Buttery Soft Leggings Like LuLaRoe?

If you have not heard about LuLaRoe clothing, chances are that you have been living under a rock. Most people on Facebook and other popular social media sites know about this brand; because this is where most "pop-up parties’ for their clothing are advertised.

The brand was started by a lady called DeAnne Stidham, who wanted to empower stay-at-home mothers through network-based marketing to provide for their families. LuLaRoe clothing is sold only by independent consultants.

In fact, LuLaRoe only sell through such pop-up parties which is why they have such a cult following. I was lucky enough to be gifted a pair of LuLaRoe leggings by friend and I loved them. But when I wanted to buy a couple of more pairs of leggings and also their tunics and dresses, I found them to be rather expensive.

This led me to researching other similar brands cheaper than LuLaroe and boy was I glad to find that there are great LulaRoe knockoff leggings, dresses and tops available. I was amazed to see that not only were these products very similar in style, comfort and quality to LuLaRoe but also cost just around half or one third of what LuLaRoe clothing costs.

So today I am going to share with you all these places to find awesome LuLaRoe alternatives - buttery soft leggings like LuLaRoe at much lower prices.

Before we proceed to the section where I reveal the high quality alternatives for LuLaRoe leggings, skirts, dresses and tunics, I will be doing a quick review of their prices. LuLaRoe dupes is the way to shop if you want to save money.

LuLaRoe Clothing Prices

LuLaRoe leggings are made with superior quality materials but that is not the only reason why these products are expensive.

The reason why this brand retails their products at higher costs is because the consultants who sell them need to shell out at least $5000 just to get started and need to be compensated well to stay in the business.

And that’s not all; these consultants are not allowed to sell LLR products below a certain price range. Thirdly, all of LuLaRoe dresses including their office wear dresses like “Amelia” as well as the leggings are made with super thick polyester and spandex (lightweight, synthetic fiber that is used to make stretchable clothing) materials which are extremely comfortable, breathable and completely non see through.

These products last for years and years to come and you won’t damage them despite washing them hundreds of times in the washer. Their prints, designs and styles are also unique.

All of these factors make it a desirable but expensive brand.

LuLaRoe Leggings Price

​Here is how much it costs to buy LuLaRoe leggings - just so you get an idea:

  • LLR leggings for adults are available in OS and TC sizes. The OS is One size fits all, whereas the TC is for LulaRoe Tall and Curvy leggings. The sizes can fit women with 10 to 22 waist sizes and you can also get plus size printed leggings for the same price as regular. All leggings cost approximately $25. If you buy seasonal special prints like Valentine’s Day or Christmas, then you need to pay a few bucks extra.
  • Children and teenager leggings - These are available in different sizes ranging from Small to Medium to Large and X-Large. They cost approximately $23.

You can buy similar leggings at Walmart or Target for half the price ($8 to $15) but you won’t get the same quality as LLR leggings. The company boasts that their leggings are “buttery soft” – a fact for sure!

You simply won’t get the same quality from other department store leggings. But stay tuned, because I am going to show you where exactly you can find buttery soft leggings like LuLaRoe without breaking the bank and also of a superior quality.

Price Range of LuLaRoe Clothing: Dresses, Shirts and Tunics

Soft leggings from LLR are the cheapest items in the LuLaRoe product line. Their dresses and tops are priced as below:

  • Tops/Tees/Tunics - Irma, Randy and Classic range from $35 to $40. Monroe and Lindsay are $48 each and Patrick and Mark which come in M to 3XL sizes cost about $40-42. Most of these tops vary from XXS to 3 XL. Monroe and Lindsay come in S to L sizes. Sarah is priciest in this category and costs about $70.
  • Skirts-Maxi, Madison and Lola are available in XXS to 3 XL sizes and cost in the range of $45 to $50. Azure and Cassie are $35 each and come in XS to 3 XL. Lucy and Jill come in XXS to 2XL and cost about $52 to $55.
  • Dresses - LuLaRoe dress prices vary from $45 to $65. The Carly range is $55 an comes in XXS to 3XL. ANA and Amelia come in $55 to $65 range and measure in XXS to 3XL.
  • Bottom-wear - Jade and Jordan are the two varieties available here. You can buy these in XXS to 3XL and they fall in the $55 to $65 range.
  • Kids’ clothes -  LuLaRoe kids wear ranges from 2-14 sizes. They cost about $24 to $28. The Smile range comes in sleeves and sleeveless varieties and cost about $36.

Why LuLaRoe Knockoffs? Problems with LuLaRoe Clothing

LuLaRoe clothing is nice but all is not as it seems with this brand. I mean there are women who love it and have been lucky to receive great stuff. But there are also some who have spent huge amounts of time (and money) on the bidding processes but received clothes that were defective.

If you have been following LuLaRoe then you might have heard about the latest series of defects in their products. One lady has even brought a lawsuit against the company stating that their manufacturing process renders the fabrics weak causing them to tear at the seams.

The company is even known to refuse refunds and many have complained about their lack of response to their social media.

So that’s when I decided to take matters in my own hands and look for brands just like LuLaRoe clothing but so much cheaper than LuLaRoe.

LuLaRoe Alternatives: Buttery Soft Leggings Like LuLaRoe on Amazon

And now I will give you a great list of alternative brands for LLR dresses, leggings and tunics. There are fantastic companies like LuLaRoe  that make quality clothes similar to LuLaRoe leggings, Carly or Irma. You can find some on Ebay but Amazon is definitely the best place to shop.

LuLaRoe Leggings Amazon: Leggings Depot Ultra Soft - Basic Solid and Patterns - REGULAR and PLUS Sizes

If you have always wanted to buy LuLaRoe leggings but could not afford them or want to stock up and buy several pairs without a huge credit card bill, then this brand makes a great cheap LuLaRoe alternative.

It comes in 45 different solid colours and nearly 100 different gorgeous patterns - see highest rated batch 1 and very popular batch 8.

It is made with 92% polyester and 8% spandex so it is lightweight and yet, completely non see through.

They are a perfect fit for Plus and Regular sized women. Leggings Depot Ultra Soft leggings are high rise and comfortably fit tall women. Amazing LuLaRoe knockoff!

Users who tried them are happy with the product saying that they held shape and did not become loose.

Check out the solid colours here.  Click here to get more details about the patterns: Leggins Depot patterns batch 1 and Leggins Depot patterns batch 8.

They look great with different types or top wear like shirts, sweaters and even with boots and office wear. Here are some positive reviews about Leggings Depot:

What Customers Say

"I like their feel better than LuLa!"

"Fabric is actually softer than the leggings of pricier brands!!"

"These are the best leggings I've purchased. Most everyone thinks they are LuLaRoe."

LuLaRoe Leggings Amazon: VIV Collection Brushed Leggings - Buttery Soft Leggings Like LuLaRoe

Three thousand satisfied users have given this VIV Collection a rating of over 4.5 stars.

You can wear VIV Collection leggings for any occasion and they come in solids and prints. Like most leggings brands, these are also made with spandex and polyester. They are buttery soft leggings like LuLaRoe - great and cheap LuLaRoe alternative.

The elastic band provides all-day comfort and thanks to their amazingly stretchy, soft and flexible material, you would not want to get them off at all. They come in 2 lengths (long and mid-length called Capri) and do a great job of hiding belly fat.

You can buy VIV Collection Best Selling Products in solid colours and patterns, ranging from floral to abstract prints, in beautiful colour combinations and in the following categories:

Popular Solid  Colours Brushed Long Leggings (XS - 2XL Sizes).

Great for summer shorter Solid  Colours Brushed Capri (mid-calf) Leggings (XS - 2XL Sizes).

This set includes very popular Print Brushed Leggins Size (XS - L).

Also super popular Print Brushed Leggins  but in Plus Size (L - XXL).

Another great summer time collection of shorter Print Brushed Leggins Capri (mid-calf) Size (XS - XXL) in many vibrant colours.

VIV Collection Leggings are soft and comfortable, wear well and they are a lot cheaper than LuLaRoe.

What Customers Say

"Bought these as a LuLaRoe substitute and I love them!"

"I bought these because I read they are very similar to LuLaRoe brand leggings but half the cost."

"Can't give enough stars!!!! Love them have several and have ordered several more!!"

Described by many users as leggings similar to LuLaRoe but at fraction of the price, Conceited leggings  come in 15 different colours (solids not prints). These leggings are available in Small to Medium size and one can use them with casual or formal outfits. 

Here are some features:

  • Ultra Soft, Butter Light, and Super Comfy Basic Full Length Leggings.
  • Premium Quality Stretch Material and Stitching
  • Fitted and Tapered Full Length with a Tailored Finish
  • Available in Two Sizes, Small/Medium (0-12), Plus (12-24)

The material is soft and non see through so most users love this cheaper alternative to pricier LuLaRoe leggings. Many LuLaRoe users turn to this brand for solid leggings since LLR are usually available in prints only.

Check out the popular Premium Ultra Soft Leggings by Conceited on Amazon.

What Customers Say

"They feel like LuLaRoe leggings, Amazon has amazing alternatives to LulaRoe clothing."

"Very pleased with these leggings. They feel as soft as LuLaRoe brand but and only half the price."

"Rivals LLR."

For more buttery soft leggings brands like LuLaRoe read my other article: Top 12 Buttery Soft Legging Brands like LuLaRoe but Cheaper.

Alternatives to LuLaRoe Dresses and Tops

If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to LuLaRoe Irma, Carly or Nicole dresses, there are many. These alternative brands are made using quality fabrics which are manufactured in the United States. You can get them in sizes ranging from Extra Small to 3 XL.

Free to Live Womens 3 Pack Long Kimono Sleeve Loose-fit Tunics

These loose fitting tunics are made with 95% rayon and 5% spandex. They are non see through and come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.

You get several different beautiful neutral colours which can be paired with anything in your wardrobe. All of the Free to Live products are proudly manufactured in the United States. These tunics are especially comfortable for pregnant and nursing women but can be worn by anyone who likes comfortable casual tops.

Soft and lightweight without being see through, these tunics are best to pair with leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans or yoga pants.

Alternatively, you can use them as an undershirt. Get more details here on Amazon.

ALL FOR YOU Women's Flare Hem Tunics

ALL FOR YOU Women's Neck Flare Hem Tunics are available in 40 different colours. They are manufactured in the United States using 95% rayon and 5% spandex. The flattering style is elegant and goes well with jeans, jeggings or leggings.

The fit is comfortable, long and super stretchy as stated by many reviewers. You can also order these tunics in a size smaller than what you normally wear owing to their stretchiness.

Make sure you hand wash the tunics as machine wash tends to damage their shape and seams.

Check it out on Amazon.

URBANCLEO Womens V-Neck Long Tunic Top Dress

URBANCLEO Womens V-Neck Tunics are available in 33 beautiful colours and are made proudly in the United States using soft, ultra lightweight Spandex and Rayon.

The short sleeve, V-neck design makes these tunics casual fun and, at the same time, very elegant.

They drape beautifully along the chest and arms and flow elegantly down from the waist to reach the mid-thigh region - a boon for women who wish to cover their hips.

The only negative review about this tunic is that colours tend vary somewhat from the ones seen on the retailers’ websites.

Here’s the link to buy your own.

MBJ Womens Short Sleeve Various Hem Tunic Top

MBJ  Womens Short Sleeve Tunic are available in 43 different colours and made with Spandex and Rayon materials.

They feature a fit and flare design with handkerchief hem that makes the tunic very elegant and, at the same time, perfect for casual wear. It is available in 6 different sizes varying from Small to XXX large.

While the material is not see through, you might want to wear underwear that closely matches the color of your tunic.

Also, some users found the sleeves too tight at the arms. Do make sure you hand wash these to maintain their shape.

Check it out on Amazon.

LARACE Women Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve Tunic Tops Loose Basic Shirt

You can wear Larace Women’s Tunic Tops with leggings or skirts in summers or with scarves, jeans and sweaters or layering in the cooler months.

The ¾th sleeves stays up when pushed up while the round neck design makes it a great tunic for casual and formal outings. The material is lightweight without being see through.

Says one user: “Looks and fits like LuLaRoe but at half the price!” The tunic is available in 19 different colours.

There are over 1000 positive comments about the  Larace tunic so I am sure you won't be disappointed with this one.

See it on Amazon here.

Lanmo Womens Swing Tunic Tops Loose Fit Comfy Flattering T-Shirt Tunic

These figure flattering swing style short sleeve scoop neck tops with handkerchief hemlines are available in 22 different colours.

Similar to the above shown Larace tunic, but with short sleeves, Lanmo tunic represents an essential style for your summer wardrobe; you can pair it with leggings or skinny jeans.

You can also wear it as a beach cover-wear or for nursing or maternity purpose. There are 6 different sizes available from Small to 3X.

“The material is so soft and comfortable. I love the fit and drape too and the colours are perfect and look very elegant!”- An honest review by an user about Lanmo Women’s Swing tunic. Order your favourite colour here.

BAISHENGGT Women's Flared Comfy Loose Fit Tunic Top

BAISHENGGT Tunics are just lovely.

Many happy customers have praised Baishenggt’s fabric, long sleeves, and 14 beautiful prints and plain colours.

The V-neck design and A-line flared hemline tunics made using 97% Rayon and 3% Spandex are available in 5 different sizes varying from S to 2X.

These tunics look great with leggings and jeans.

Do not wash in the machine as it leaves tiny white flecks and also can shrink.

Click here to read more about it on Amazon.

DBG Women's Short Sleeves Scoop Neck Polyester Dress – Similar to LuLaRoe Nicole Dress

DBG short sleeve 95% polyester and 5% Spandex scoop neck dresses are the perfect alternative to expensive LuLaRoe dresses.

They are available in 24 different colours and are proudly manufactured in the United States.

While most users have had a very good experience with DBG, some complained about their poor customer service. The salient features of this dress include: wrinkle-free comfortable, non see through garment and figure flattering style. Best when wore with a belt.

Check it out this fantastic cheap LuLaRoe dupe here.

Tom's Ware Women's Sweetheart Short Sleeve Midi Dress – Clothes Similar to LuLaRoe Julia Dress

Tom's Ware Sweethear Dresses TWCWD053-WHITEWINE-US XXL are made with Polyester/Spandex and Rayon.

They are stylish, cheaper alternatives to expensive LuLaRoe dresses and can be worn in spring or summer. You can dry clean or laundry-wash them on the delicate cycle.

They are available in 17 different colours and prints and 5 different sizes. Buyers have praised their fresh colours and comfortable fit.

The dresses hug you in all the right places without showing off your panty line or underwear seams.

Many salon owners are actually using these Tom’s Ware short sleeve dresses as their uniforms too. Check them out here on Amazon.

For some buyers, the sizes ran smaller so select your size carefully.

Alternatives to LuLaRoe Skirts - Lovely LuLaRoe Dupes

Here are the cheaper alternatives to beautiful LuLaRoe skirts.

Choies Women's Sakura Skater Skirt With Pleat

Why spend $60 on LuLaRoe skirts when you can get the same great alternative for around 1/3rd the price?

You can get Choies Sakura Print Pleated Skater Skirts in 23 beautiful colours and prints.

Each gorgeous skirt comes in One Size that fits US 4-10 waists thanks to their stretchy elastic waist bands.

The material is beautiful and resembles silk. Make sure you hand wash or dry clean it only to make sure it always looks great, even after many washes.

Select your favourite print and colour and order here on Amazon.

GRACE KARIN Women Pleated Vintage Skirts

These vintage inspired A-line silhouette skirts will transform you to an era bygone. These skirts come in 6 different sizes varying from S to 3X and 19 lovely prints.

They are great for casual wear as well as office wear. The pocketed skirt is made with 97% cotton and 3% Spandex. Grace Karin skirts also come with two buttons on the waist band for adjustment where needed.

Be careful when you wash the product though, some users felt that the colours bled so hand wash it in a cool water.

Get more details here on Amazon.

Fancyqube Women Pleated Vintage Skirts Floral Print

LulaRoe skirts are great but they are expensive. You can get similar skirts in beautiful prints at ½ or even 1/3rd the price without any compromise in quality.

The Fancyqube pleated skirt is a great example as hundreds of happy customers have given it a 5 star rating. Available in 22 gorgeous prints, it is made with cotton and polyester and has a concealed zipper at the back.

The floral, vintage prints are ideal for everyday wear. Please note that the sizes are Asian, so measure yourself properly before ordering.

Here’s the link to buy your own.

As you can see, LuLaRoe clothing is not the ultimate choice when it comes to buying a great outfit. There are many frugal LuLaRoe alternatives which will not only you save money - they also give you a greater choice in their dresses, tops, tunics and leggings - all in great quality.

A word of caution: always refer to the sizing charts to make sure you buy the correct size. Measure yourself properly and refer to the charts given for each brand. Do make sure to read reviews and follow the care instructions to the T. Please share what clothes similar to LuLaRoe you like.

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