health benefits of moroccan argan oilWhen someone hears about a product that works, they want to try it! Too often, consumers find themselves disappointed by the promises made by advertisers and are left feeling fooled out of their money. Moroccan Argan oil has many amazing health benefits and is one product that truly lives up to its promises!

Moroccan Argan oil has many uses, from health and nutrition to hair and skin. From a nutritional standpoint, this oil is loaded with the potent antioxidant vitamin E and it is believed to posses cancer fighting properties. It also contains anti-inflammatory agents which can ease joint pain and alleviate other symptoms associated with different types of arthritis. With powerful amounts of vitamin E, it can also speed up skin cell recovery under nearly any conditions.

Argan oil also improves the levels and concentration of digestive juices in the stomach, helping to increase the body's efficiency in a number of ways. The better a body is able to digest and process foods, the faster the metabolism can work, decreasing internal toxic build-up and the negative consequences that come with it. Enhanced digestive processing also minimizes the likelihood of GERD and other uncomfortable and potentially dangerous conditions.

This oil also helps the circulatory system move blood, often contributing to lower bad cholesterol levels. Overall, a person's immune system can benefit from regular consumption of Moroccan Argan oil. As an added bonus, many people indicate that it also boosts romantic interests, performance and energy.

Moroccan Argan Oil for Skin and Hair

It is in the field of cosmetics where Moroccan Argan oil is heralded the most and the loudest, offering dramatic and positive changes in the appearance and condition of both hair and skin. With its abundance of anti-oxidizing vitamin E, when used on the body, it exhilarates and rejuvenates hair follicles and skin cells to new levels of youth and beauty. Many women the world over swear by the power of this treatment in diminishing the signs of aging and revitalizing skin like nothing else available, no matter what the price tag.

For people suffering with scars associated with skin conditions like acne and eczema, Moroccan Argan oil contains triterpenoids, which has intense healing properties. As an alternative to expensive surgical procedures, this oil offers the promise of restoring the complexion to its original condition.

For the less extreme, but none the less troublesome situation of dry skin, the saponis in Argan oil softens skin and diminishes cracks and roughness. Even on the scalp, in cases of dandruff and persistent itch, it can soothe and heal back to a normal state.

When used a few times a week, Argan oil can even resolve the issue of split ends, which is a common complaint of many women, particularly those who use heated styling methods frequently. At the same time, hair is protected from harmful UV rays as well.

Moroccan oil has many uses in the kitchen too, which are equally beneficial and resolving. It's much lighter than vegetable or olive oil, with a light and sweeping nutty scent that immediately teases the senses. Its slight buttery texture lures the tongue and the bold yet not overbearing flavour peaks the interest of the palate. Opening a bottle for the first time is a delightful surprise, and that's even before taking into account the fact that this oil has so many powerful health benefits.

Not surprisingly, this versatile oil can be used as a base for cooking in or as an ingredient itself. When paired with fresh lemon juice, it creates a sensational salad drizzle. Mixed with honey and low-fat plain yoghurt, it makes for a powerfully energizing breakfast. As the popularity of Argan oil surges across the globe, more and more uses are discovered and it has become one of the most famous and sought after “secret” ingredients.

In the finest restaurants on every continent, it's being used by master chefs to enhance soups, fresh greens, vegetables and meat dishes. Fish, a low-calorie, omega rich favourite, is being simmered and spiced in Moroccan oil to the delight of health-conscious eaters everywhere. Used to create variety stews and other basic entrees, there is virtually no limit to the things that can be done with this talented oil.

Unleashing the total power of Moroccan argon oil can be effectively done by taking it in supplement form. Argan oil is undisputed in its ability to lower cholesterol, improve joint function and regenerate cells with concentrated antioxidants, among other medicinal applications. It also works to regulate the digestive system, thereby stabilizing metabolic function and (drum roll please) decreasing the appetite! It's no mystery that the more stable and balanced an entire body is, the less inclined it will be toward over-eating and binge type habits. It is quite obvious to see why Argan oil is referred to as “Moroccan gold.”

When consumers find a product that works, has so many health benefits and does not fall short of its promises, they stick with it. Moroccan Argan oil truly does not disappoint!

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