Lean Healthy and Wise has several group Pinterest boards (each with over 13K followers) that are now open to new contributors. However, we like to keep these boards at the highest of quality of content so we are a bit picky about who we add as contributors.

No nudity, spamming or any other nonsense. Follow the rules. Violators will be booted, no warning (and yes, we do pay attention).

If you are interested in being considered as a new contributor please take a moment to read our contributor requirements, group board rules and then fill out the form below. We will let you know (please allow  up to 14 days) if you have been accepted.


  1. For me to add you to my group boards you need to be following me.
    Follow my whole profile here >>> https://www.pinterest.com/leanhealthywise before you send a request to join any of my boards.
  2. You must have a blog associated with your Pinterest account (we will ask for the URL to your blog in the form below). Our group boards are open to active bloggers only.
  3. To keep the spammers away, your Pinterest account must be verified by Pinterest (for more information please see this article).
  4. Pins must link directly to blog posts
  5. Only ON TOPIC high quality LONG/VERTICAL PINS allowed. All pins must be family friendly (ie. no porn, drugs or other illegal activity).
  6. You may pin to each group board that you are a contributor to no more than 3 times per day. ​
  7. Pin for a pin, share a pin for every pin you add - this will keep the board's virality score high.
  8. Please do not pin the same item to the same group board more than once every 2 weeks.
  9. Absolutely no back-to-back pinning! Spread your pins throughout a day.

PLEASE NOTE - Get the Right Group Board Mindset!

Pinterest now prioritizes content based on engagement (and more). Group boards are often a “dumping ground” for pins and many collaborators rarely (if ever) look at the board and repin other members’ content. If a group board has low re-pin rate (i.e. low virality score), Pinterest assumes the pins are crummy, because no one’s interacting with them… so it doesn’t show them in the Smart Feed.

Our goal is to ensure that the group boards work for all of us and the pins get high exposure so we all need to keep the boards' virality score as high as possible.

Virality score is an indicator of the quality of the group board you are pining to and is a measure of how many average re-pins per pin then board has.

In order to keep the virality score of the group boards high please re-pin other contributor's pins frequently!


Fill out the form below to join my Pinterest boards. Happy Pinning!
My profile: https://www.pinterest.com/leanhealthywise/
This is the email address needed so that we can invite you to our group board. It must be the email address associated with your Pinterest account otherwise we cannot invite you. We will also send you a quick email letting you know if you have been sent an invitation.
Please enter the URL to your Pinterest account. It will look like this: https://www.pinterest.com/yourpinterestusername/
Our Pinterest group boards are only open to other bloggers. If you do not have a blog you may not join our group boards. We will be checking out your blog as well as your Pinterest account to ensure quality.
Only request to join relevant boards to your niche.

Would you like to join our Health, Wellness and Lifestyle TAILWIND TRIBE?  
>>> Here is your invitation link.

Please do not add anyone to the group boards yourself. If you have a blogger friend who might be interested in joining our group boards, please send them the link to this page.

We reserve the right to remove you as a contributor to our group boards for pinning too often, pinning content that does not fit the description of the board, low quality pins and/or prolonged inactivity.
If you have any questions or concerns about one of our boards or the activity of another contributor you can contact us here.

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