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What Is Sweet Sweat?

Sweet sweat system is a workout enhancer and weight loss accelerating product. It consists of a Sweet Sweat gel (or cream) along with Sweet Sweat waist trimmer belts (you can also get arm and thigh belts).

You must apply the gel or cream on areas of fat on the waist/arm/thigh prior to a workout. Next, you cover the gel with neoprene Sweet Sweat waist/arm/thigh trimmer belts and begin your workout as usual.

Within minutes you will feel your skin getting hot and sweaty. The excess sweating is due to the combined thermogenic effect of the cream and belt which leads to accelerated weight loss.

How Does Sweet Sweat Work?

We are all constantly bombarded by weight loss accelerating products thanks to media. Some, if not most of these products are outright bogus and a total waste of money.

However, every once in a while, there comes along a product that works the way it should. They do not claim to be magic pills that you simply need to take one and get in shape overnight.

On the contrary, the weight loss products that do work always stress upon the right amount of exercise alongside a healthy balanced diet. What these products do is help you train better and faster and have more energy or help you burn fat faster.

The Sweet Sweat Wrap System is one such weight loss product that works because it based on scientifically backed principle of thermogenic effect.

Thermogenic effect is the process of increasing the body’s output energy or core temperature which increases sweat production. This, in turn, increases metabolism and helps you enhance your workout effort.

Many factors can enhance thermogenic effect; certain foods, exercise, proper sleep are some of them. There are many natural ingredients known to enhance thermogenic effect on the body.

These "sweet sweat" ingredients include aloe vera, acai berries, coconut oil, jojoba oil, pomegranate, carnauba wax etc.

Manufacturers of the Sweet Sweat trimmer belt and gel system have used these ingredients in the Sweet Sweat gel. As a result, when you apply the cream or gel to areas of fat deposits such as the thighs, waist, hips etc, the sweat glands in these regions get activated.

Additionally, when you cover your problem areas with the neoprene belt, the sweating is even more enhanced as you exercise. With regular use, you can greatly enhance your weight loss and lose inches of fat from the mid section.

Does Sweet Sweat Work? Research Backs It Up!

The reason why millions of people are impressed with the Sweet Sweat workout enhancer is because of the fact that it has undergone scientific research.

Physiologist Dr. Robert A. Wiswell, PhD, conducted several independent tests on the principles of Sweet Sweat in the year 1984. He concluded that this was one of the most effective weight loss accelerating products that worked as designated.

Since its conception in the early 1980s, Sweet Sweat has undergone several independent studies and may be considered as one of the most researched of all weight loss products. Later, I will also talk about thermographic tests conducted on the product that prove they do work.

How to Use Sweet Sweat?

Sweet Sweat band(s) is very easy to use. All you need to do is apply the sweet sweat cream all over your midsection/thigh/arms before your regular workout. Then you wrap the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer belt around the waist/thigh/arm.

You need not tie it tight like a corset - simply attach it and adjust it based on your comfort levels. Then you start your workout as usual. You will notice that within a few minutes your skin will start to get really warm. You will also start sweating excessively around the region.

Yes, we are talking of pools and rivulets of sweat! People who have used the sweet sweat waist belt along with the sweet sweat gel have lost nearly 1.25 kilos of weight in the first week of use itself. Naturally, as with any weight loss product, people who have reviewed the system have recommended eating a healthy diet at least 85% of the week. Exercise and healthy diet are both very important to the success of the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer.

The best part about this system is its ease of use. You can wear the system not only when you workout but also when you do your daily chores and activities like house cleaning, gardening or walking your pets.

Who Is the Sweet Sweat System Ideal For?

Everybody and anybody can use the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt. Most top brands keep several different sizes and their large size belts can easily fit waist sizes up to 44” while the Medium can fit waist up to 38”. Many also come in XXL size that can fit waist size of up to 58”.

I cannot reiterate this enough - as with any weight loss product, it is important that you exercise and eat healthy. If you are not fond of exercise and lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle, then this product is not recommended for you.

The belt is best suited for obese people, women who have just had babies and also for individuals who happen to have a lot of excess skin around their waist. It is especially suitable for people having back problems and posture issues.

Do note that to see the best results you must use the waist trimmer belt with the Sweet Sweat gel.

Best Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt and Cream

There are several different products in this category. So I am reviewing some of the top products that have received stellar reviews:

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Belt

Overall User Rating

More than 6000 happy customers (at the time of writing this review) have tried this wonderful waist trimmer belt with great results.

It increases the core temperature to enhance sweating. As a free bonus, you get the Sweet Sweat gel as well as a carrying bag so you can conveniently carry the items to your gym.

This waist trimmer belt comes with flexible contours and secure Velcro straps to adjust to different waist sizes.

That said, you must use the chart given for men and women so you can choose the right size.

Check it out here on Amazon.

Here are pros and cons of the product:


  • Made with hypoallergenic Neoprene, non latex material.
  • Limits slipping and bunching up during workout. Has a great grip.
  • Ideal for posture correction.
  • Contoured to fit different waist shapes.
  • Easy to use and needs minimum adjustments.


  • People with sensitive skin have got blisters with the cream/gel. I recommend you it with caution and if possible, do a patch test first.
  • 1% of the users felt that the belt rolled and bunched up during workout and distracted them (Tip! Make sure to buy the right size).
  • Some users complained that the Velcro fitting loses grip after a few months of use.

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Gel/Cream

Overall User Rating

The Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Gel has been manufactured with scientific know how by the Sports Research® brand.

Its special ingredients enhance the thermogenic effect and substantially increase sweating.

The gel is ideal for use before workout as it accelerates warm up and also lessens recovery time. I especially recommend it to serious trainees who wish to avoid painful injuries and muscular fatigue.

This product has undergone a lot of research including infrared testing which showed substantial increase in red and yellow colours on the areas where the cream was used.

This indicates the enhanced thermogenic effect as compared to areas where the cream/gel was not applied.  See more details here.

Here are some other salient features of the product:

  • Natural fragrance helps your remain fresh throughout the duration of the workout.
  • It contains natural ingredients like acai, pomegranate, jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, vitamin E and Brazilian carnauba wax.
  • Increases circulation and sweating during exercise.
  • Especially beneficial for slow to respond areas or injured regions.

Here are some honest  reviews about the enhancer gel:

It works not just on the belly but also thighs and arms! You can even use it on your chest-anywhere on the body.” Ruby L Phillips

It works without the belt too. You will sweat a lot more just by using it. Naturally, applying the belt enhance the Thermogenic action for quicker results.” - ADB

Lasts for a month despite using it two times a day.

So much sweat, I need a towel to catch it!”

“Not sure whether it works or not as the amount of sweat is the same.” - Steve

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Gel/Cream Coconut

Overall User Rating

If you are seriously training and wish to give your workouts a boost whilst smelling fresh, then this is the best Sweet Sweat Cream.

This is another Sweet Sweat cream that makes you sweat.

It has a delicious coco-nutty aroma and Sports Research® has even guaranteed a 90 day money back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied.

You also get huge value for money as - unlike the original gel -  it comes in a large 13.5oz jar, so it will last you for ages.

See more details about the Sweet Sweat Coconut Workout Enhancer Cream/Gel here.​

Here are the pros and cons of the product:


  • Beneficial for fighting off pain and fatigue caused by strains and pulls.
  • Gives a super boost to your workout by enhancing circulation and increasing the sweating action. It also accelerates warm up time and recovery time.
  • Targets all your problem areas so you see quicker results.
  • Keeps you smelling fresh despite the sweat.
  • Thermographic images show enhanced circulation to treated areas.
  • Contains all natural ingredients like cold pressed extra virgin organic coconut oil, pomegranate, acai oil, jojoba oil, pomegranate, Brazilian carnauba wax etc.
  • Smells wonderful!


  • Some users complained that the sweating action is limited if you do not wear the Neoprene waist trimmer belt.
  • "Got a rash on my tummy and stomach areas.” – Francisca Traboux

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Sports Stick

Overall User Rating

The cream/gel Enhancer products are slightly messy to apply.

For a hands free application, use theSweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Sports Stick instead.

Like the Sweet Sweat cream/gel, the stick targets slow to respond or injured areas. You can apply it easily on the arms, thighs and tummy to accelerate warm up time, speed up recovery period and throw out massive amounts of sweat.

Since the Sweet Sweat stick is so convenient to apply. no wonder it is #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

As with the cream/gel, use the stick with the Neoprene trimmer belts to see dramatic results.

  • Contains all natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Acai pulp oil and Brazilian Carnauba wax etc. These leave you smelling great all through your workout while promoting a sweating action.
  • As with other products reviewed above, the Sports Stick has also been subjected to Thermographic analysis. These showed the accelerated thermogenic effect that stimulated sweating mechanism.
  • You can get your money back in 90 days in case you are dissatisfied with the results.

Here are some top reviews about the Sweet Sweat Sports Stick

I used it on my double chin to reduce facial fat. I have a much slimmer face now!” - Sonya Walle

I use it during sauna and before a cardio workout. Seeing fantastic results.” – Megan Nayak

“I used this 2 times a day before workout and regular household chores in the evening. So much sweat! I have lost 3 inches from my belly area in a month!” - Sally

On the downside, some people broke out after using it. So do try a patch test prior to use.

Sweet Sweat Arm Trimmer

Overall User Rating

The NEW! Sweet Sweat Arm Trimmers work just like the waist trimmer belt but are contoured to wrap firmly around your arms or biceps.

When used with the Sweet Sweat gel and during workout, you will sweat tremendously to lose all the unsightly flab from the arms.

The latex free Neoprene enhances the thermogenic effect and provides maximum heat insulation.

Contoured design wraps beautifully around the arms and is flexible enough for different sizes.

Great looking arms is something to be proud of, so be sure to get your set (2 are included) of arm trimmers here.

“ You sweat a lot with these! My arms are a lot smaller in just 20 days!” - Chaylee

If you sweat very little during workouts, this is the product for you. You will sweat so much; you will want to work out over and over. Buy it today! - Novia

Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmer

Overall User Rating

Like the arm and waist trimmers, the Sweet Sweat Premium Thigh Trimmers work on the thigh area.

Like the waist and arm trimmers, you get to sample the topical workout/sweat enhancer cream as well. Also there is a 90 day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with the product.

Both men and women can comfortably use the thigh trimmer during the workout.

The gel and neoprene fabric of the trimmer enhances heating effect and leads to sweating.

  • You can buy it in 2 colours-yellow or pink.
  • Purchase includes a mesh bag for carrying the trimmers.
  • You can easily wear the pair under your workout clothing. Just make sure your pants are tight enough to prevent the trimmers from slipping and bunching up.
  • Each trimmer has a “right” and “left” print on it.

Here is a top review about the Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmer:

· “I used to run a lot but never saw any difference in my thighs until I tried the Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmer pair. Now I never run without them!”- Rohanchi

Some negative reviews about the Sweet Sweat Thigh Trimmer include complaints about chaffing, blistering, rash and slippage during workout.


If you have been working out for a while but have been disappointed with the results so far especially in terms of fat in the belly, thigh and arm region, you must try the Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer System.

These products are based on scientific research and they work thanks to the thermogenic effect that comes from the combined action of the gel/cream and the trimmer belts that are made with insulating Neoprene fabrics.

These lead to an enhanced sweating action which boosts metabolism and accelerates weight loss. As seen from the users' reviews of these products, you should use both the gel/cream/stick along with the trimmer belts in order to sweat and see results.

Additionally, you should exercise and also eat a healthy diet. There is no magic pill for weight loss but this scientifically proven system can certainly help increase your core temperature resulting in massive amounts of sweating while speeding up recovery.

About the Author

Barbara is the founder and owner of www.leanhealthyandwise.com. She is a former research scientist with a serious passion for health. She enjoys writing about nutrition, wellness and lifestyle and empowering people to take control of their health.

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