lotus birthChild birth is a momentous time for any mother or father. It is life and as one doctor put it “each birth is a miracle. No matter how many babies I have delivered each one has been a miracle”.

Today there are many ways of having your baby. The more acceptable or rather more common way is using a doctor to help you through the pregnancy and then be there to deliver the baby usually at a clinic or a hospital.

Another method is using a midwife. She usually has a doctor ready to support her in a more complex situation. She usually helps to deliver the baby at home but she can go to a birthing centre or even a hospital. Midwives stay very close to the mother-to-be giving personal attention along with monitoring her vital signs. This type of birth is usually not medicated and is often referred to as natural.

What Is Lotus Birth?

We have heard of underwater birth. But now a new birthing trend is emerging called the lotus birth. What is the lotus birth exactly? Well it seems someone saw chimps giving birth in the wild and saw that they did not cut the cord to the placenta after giving birth. So this practice involves not cutting the cord to the placenta.

When the placenta is delivered it is placed in a bowl and washed. Extra liquid from it is extracted. Then it is rubbed with sea salt to keep it from smelling. It is then wrapped with some air penetrating cloth and then put into a little pillowcase. It is kept with the baby until the cord falls off naturally. The umbilical cord is often wrapped with ribbons. Even though cured with salt, the placenta undoubtedly will still have a smell. The cord will not detach itself for three to six days from birth. So for a week you will have this placenta to deal with.
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Can this raise a risk of infection for the newborn? Some women have opted for the underwater birth and practised the lotus birth as well. Which means when the baby was born underwater and then the placenta was as well. Can this also affect all concerned especially the baby? It is obvious that to those who wish to practice such methods the answer would be no-risk because it is a natural process and any risk is no more than hospital births.

This practice of lotus birth would be someone has to consider carefully and have a sympathetic doctor in your corner. The lotus birth was introduced back in 1974 by a woman named Clair Lotus Day. It is then a practice that originated in the U.S. and not a third world country as some may think. This practice is certainly a personal one but for all practicality one who wants to use such a method should research it and consult a doctor who can work with you and help you reach the right decision.

What are the benefits of such a birth? Are there any statistics that can be used besides the Internet experiences to prove that there are benefits? More information would have to be provided for some. Still each mother has a dream of her birth as she had a dream of what her wedding would be like. She is responsible for helping bring her child into this world in a safe manner. After all she of all people would want the best for her child.

It seems in conclusion that more knowledge is needed about this lotus birth. Not that it seems a complicated process but rather with more understanding of it a person can make a comfortable decision. Understanding why you choose this type of birth is the key. Nevertheless this is something I would definitely not go for. How about you?

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