antioxidants for healthy skinTaking antioxidants can bring a lot of benefits to the skin. This was validated by science itself. In fact, women who regularly take in vitamins A, C and E, as well beta carotene, are less likely to develop new wrinkles. With the help of these nutritional supplements, existing wrinkles will also be finer. Some can even gradually disappear. The reason is that antioxidants can protect the collagen and elastin against free radicals.

Among the foods that have high antioxidant level are spinach, prunes, brussel sprouts, broccoli, blueberries, raisins, kale, cranberries and plums. It is advisable that you eat them regularly to prevent the signs of premature aging.

Another nutrient that the skin needs is vitamin A. It compliments whatever products we use for skin treatment; hence, if you are deficient of it, the effectiveness of skin treatment products and supplements will not take full effect. It also aids in the renewal of cells. Moreover, it nourishes the fat layers which can be found under the skin, making the skin supple and less prone to damage. If you’re sufficient in this nutrient, your skin will look healthier.

The skin that lacks vitamin A is usually rough, dry and has breakouts in most areas. If it’s insufficient in your body, your skin will be prone to wrinkles and poor texture. Your nails will also be fragile.

In spite of the benefits that vitamin A brings to the skin, you should be aware that this nutrient should only be taken at a recommended dose. If taken in excess, it can be toxic to the liver and cause damage to an unborn baby. 5000 IU per day is the recommended dosage of Vitamin A one can take but it is still best to increase your intake of beta carotene and coloured vegetables, instead of relying too much on vitamin A. Beta carotene is not considered toxic and therefore it's much better to take supplements containing it rather than vitamin A.

Beta carotene is a good antioxidant. The body converts it to Vitamin A when taken. It also contributes to reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Vitamin C is also an essential nutrient that brings about effective anti-aging benefits. When taken as a supplement, it helps in repairing skin damages and in building collagen. If you are deficient in this essential antioxidant vitamin, you will likely experience premature aging and damage of UV. You can take 2000 mg of vitamin C per day in divided dosages.

Another good antioxidant is alpha lipoic acid (ALA). It compliments vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10. It’s not only an antioxidant; it also recycles the other antioxidants. It has anti-inflammatory properties  and can help reduce infections. To those who are obese, this supplement will help improve your body’s insulin resistance. ALA plays an important part in weight loss and in keeping the heart healthy.

ALA also helps in removing glucose from the bloodstream. It detoxifies the body from heavy metals. This supplement also plays an important role in anti aging as it keeps the fibers from linking. The cells in the body use this mainly to produce cellular energy; for that reason, the body needs to have greater amount of it than what it needs so that ALA can function normally. This supplement has a versatile quality and can be dissolved in both fats and water, which makes it work in all parts of the body. 

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    Spinach is a real super food. It contains a rich supply of vitamins and minerals. It’s also a source of mentioned in the article alpha-lipoic acid. I add spinach to my salads instead of lettuce – it’s yummy and healthy!

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