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Newborn photography offers a photographer with lot of opportunities to unleash their creativity in varied ways. A newborn baby, by all means, is a highly delightful subject to photograph; but, sometimes, it can also be nerve-wracking especially if you are not experienced.

Unlike with adults, utilizing different poses in newborn photography can be quite challenging. Here, in newborn photography, you cannot create specific scenes or stories but you have to work on poses and try to create memorable pictures of the baby with its help.

To gain a broader understanding of varied poses, we’d like you to familiarize yourself with newborn photography ideas and tips mentioned in this article. This should help you in creating some magnificent shots of your endearing subject – newborn baby!

Natural Pose

natural pose

You will be surprised to find out that some of the best poses that you’re likely to capture in your camera are the ones that are spontaneous and unplanned. These are the poses that the baby might be doing naturally.

Moreover, these poses are less prone to any injuries as the baby is lied down on their tummy, side or back.

Frog Pose

frog pose

Admittedly, a frog pose is only for those babies that don’t jerk a lot. The baby here should be in milk coma and stay balanced while posing.

Usually the babies are able to support themselves; however, in some cases, if they can’t then you can always take help of the parents to achieve perfection in frog pose.

You can always ask them to hold the baby from behind if the baby starts to tip in any particular direction.

Family Pose

family pose

Family pose is a must-have pose in your photo session with newborn babies. Not only is it safe but one of the sweetest pose of all. No matter how hard it is to convince the parents especially the mother to come into the pictures, always push harder to get them because having the whole family in the shots will help in creating monumental memories.

Head in the Hands Pose

head in the hands pose

This is another hit amongst the clients of newborn photography. You will have to take two photos here and then merge them later in post processing stage.

For the first photo, you will need a helper who can carefully hold the baby around the wrists very mindfully. Click the photo then.

For the second photo, ask your helper to hold the baby around the head. Click the photo then. In case if the baby starts to bend or sink then start the whole process again.

Once the two photos are properly captured, now you need to merge them appropriately for a head in the hands pose.

Bum in the Air Pose

bum in the air pose

You get a cute picture of the newborn baby in this particular pose especially if you are planning to take a close-up. Firstly, you get them on their belly and fold their legs under them. Then you place their hands firmly under their face but the fingers should be seen properly.

You will get an adorable close-up picture of the baby in this pose. Make sure that you use a blanket that is thick, good textured, and most importantly, skin friendly.

Outdoor Poses

outdoor pose

A creative pose for newborn babies while shooting outdoors is by placing the baby in a hanging hammock in your backyard. Of course, you have to give extra attention to the safety of the baby in this case, but the picture in the end, will be worth it.

For a subtle appearance, get a hammock of a light color made out of lace. For this post, be absolutely gentle with the baby and always have a helper nearby.

Use Newborn Photo Props

photography props

Props will significantly elevate all your poses to a new level. There are no stringent rules that work for a prop. All you have to do is be creative in using these props in your poses.

Take any prop such as baskets, wooden crates, bowls, or anything and then, add a faux fur or a smooth textured blanket for giving the baby a comfortable sleeping position on it. Always make sure that the baby is safe when suspended or placed inside a prop.

Taking shots of the baby in different poses such as sleeping or sitting with the help of using such props will create a beautiful look and feel of the images.

What Next?

It is always better to be safe than sorry, and therefore, make sure that you leave no stones unturned in creating poses that are safe for the newborn baby. No pose of any kind should be tempting to you by forsaking the safety of the baby.

Looking for newborn photography ideas can be a daunting process, but if you nail it right, then newborn photography will be the most beautiful assignment for you. Hopefully this article will help you in all your future endeavours.

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