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Losing weight fast has been a major concern among millions of people today. The need for instant weight loss paved the way to various companies and health enthusiasts to earn more and profit simply by manufacturing weight loss pills as well as supplements and coming up with the ultimate weight loss plans.

The truth is there is no substitute for healthy diet and regular exercise when it comes to your quest for a smaller waistline. However, you may argue that you don’t have enough time to work out every day or eating healthy can be too much for your pocket.

Unfortunately, most of us eat far too much and we eat wrong foods – high in calories and increasingly low in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – so we put on weight. The good news is there are actually foods that can curb your eating habits. They are delicious and if you want to learn how to eat less and how to suppress appetite, read this article and fill your pantry and fridge with great foods that are super beneficial for both, health and weight loss.

Herbal Appetite Suppressants: Do They Work?

Let's consider this often asked question first: do plant extracts and herbal appetite suppressants work and are they safe? If you read this review published in the Complement Ther Med. 2013 August, you will learn that there were 14 studies that were reviewed. The findings from published double-blind RCTs revealed mostly inconclusive evidence that plant extracts are effective in reducing body weight through appetite suppression. Caralluma fimbriata extract and a combination supplement containing Garcinia cambogia plus Gymnema sylvestre were the only exceptions and showed some effectiveness.

Keep in mind that although this type of appetite suppressants are much safer than prescription pills, almost every herbal appetite suppressant pill will have side effects in high dosages (e.g. heart palpitations), therefore one can never make a claim that they are completely safe.

How to Suppress Appetite

So many people want to know simply how to eat less. Natural appetite suppressants reduce your cravings for food. Since they are “natural,” this means these foods keep you fuller and longer and will help you drop some weight is a healthy way. Here is a list of some best appetite suppressants that not only prevent you from overeating but also boost your metabolism, are packed with nutrients, delay hunger and improve your digestion. These appetite suppressant foods should be part of your daily diet, so cut down on filler, starchy foods like potatoes, pasta and rice and concentrate on satisfying your hunger with nutrient-packed healthy choices.


Only a few almonds are all that’s required for a nicely rich source of antioxidants, magnesium, as well as vitamin E. Almonds are also known as a healthy appetite suppressant. They are low in calories, which makes for a great addition to any weight management system. You can also go for some walnuts as they are packed with the essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Green tea

Green tea has a lot of health benefits, one of which is being an appetite suppressant. According to nutritionists, the catechins found in green tea can stop the movement of glucose into fat cells, thereby slowing the rise of blood sugar and prevent high insulin and fat storage. This is why green tea is usualy an important ingredient is detox tea and dieter's tea. So if coffee and water is not your thing, green tea can be a good alternative.


The root of the ginger plant has been used by many different cultures for centuries. Ginger root is renowned for its super digestive stimulant powers. Add it to a smoothie, or pop it into your favourite Indian dish, and you have a very tasty addition. Because ginger also stimulates the body to become more energetic, as well as aids in digestion, it allows you to feel less hungry.


Avocados are not only full of monounsaturated fats, which have proven to offer health benefits to the heart, but they are also full of fibre. When eaten in moderation, they help to suppress the appetite, and in fact, the fats contained in avocado apparently send out signals to the brain which in turn makes your stomach feel full.

Cayenne Pepper

Recent research, which was published in the Physiology & Behaviour Journal, found that a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper boosts metabolism and also burns 10 calories. Further, other studies have found that adding cayenne pepper to a meal has the effect of cutting an average of 60 calories from the next meal they consume, in-part due to its natural ability to suppress the appetite. Time to get spicy!

Low-fat milk

Did you know that having at least a serving of dairy every day before menstruation can decrease your cravings for unhealthy foods and processed carbs? Yes, that’s right. So ladies, before that time of the month, make sure to stock up on milk to prevent those PMS cravings.


We all know that apples offer a variety of health benefits. Apples contain pectin and soluble fibre, which has the effect of making you feel full. They also boost energy levels and help to regulate glucose in the bloodstream. What’s more, they require a lot of chewing before they can be swallowed, which in turn helps to slow you down, and thus allows you to no longer feel hungry.


Eating a couple of eggs at breakfast helps our stomachs to feel full over a longer period of time than if we were to eat, say, a bagel with the same level of calories (around 160 calories). Studies have shown that for those who enjoyed eggs at breakfast, they ate on average 330 calories fewer within a 24 hour period, than those who chose to eat bagels instead.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes have been proven to consist of a particular type of starch which resists the effects of digestive enzymes. Thereby, they remain in the stomach longer, and in turn have a suppressant effect on your appetite. Further, they are packed full of vitamins A and C, so they make for a great meal!

Umeboshi Plums

If you tend to crave for sweet foods, then sometimes it’s possible to overcome that craving by consuming something sour. Umeboshi plums are pickled plums that are excellent for quashing a sugar craving. They can be found at Asian grocery stores, particularly Korean and Japanese supermarkets.

cup of coffeeCoffee

Good news, coffee lovers. You now have an excuse to drink a cup every morning. Although more than two cups can make you fidgety and nervous, one cup a day can boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite, thanks to the antioxidants contained in the coffee beans. If you want better results, take it easy on sugar or cream.

Vegetable Soup

If you are feeling a bit on the cold side, then how better to warm your body up than by indulging in a hot bowl of vegetable soup! There are low in calories, and a thick veggie soup can really help to fill you up.

Dark Chocolate

If you are a lover of milk chocolate but often lack self-control, then give dark chocolate a go. Just a couple of pieces of dark chocolate (with at least 70 percent cocoa content) will have the effect of lowering your craving for sweet foods, in addition to suppressing your appetite altogether. What’s more, the stearic acid found in dark chocolate aids in slowing the digestion, which in turn makes your stomach feel full. However, should you find that dark chocolate is simply too bitter, try it with a cup of black coffee, because the coffee with help to bring out the sweetness of the chocolate.


Although tofu tends to be a common food for vegetarians, it really ought to be a part of everyone’s diet. A rich plant-based source of protein, tofu contains a high level of an isoflavone called genistein. This isoflavone has been proven to aid in the lowering of food ingestion due to its suppressive effects on the appetite. If you don’t know how to cook tofu, why not try adding it to your next vegetable-based stir fry for a very delicious and healthy meal!


Wasabi is that so very hot horseradish sauce that is commonly found in Japanese foods. Not only does wasabi offer natural anti-inflammatory properties, but it’s been proven to be a good appetite suppressant also.


High in carbohydrate, yes, but the type of carbohydrate to be found in oatmeal is slow-digesting, which means that after you consume a bowl-full, you’ll feel full for hours later. Oatmeal is known to suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin, which makes it a very good appetite suppressant. For best effect, go for steel cut oats and eat it for breakfast with some fruit and honey added. HINT! – add full cream milk or soy milk only, NOT water.

Green Leafy Vegetables

As a natural appetite suppressant, which is also filled with a variety of vitamins, why not go for green leafy vegetables? From spinach to kale (see: what is kale good for), to Swiss chard, all may be eaten raw or may be combined with a little olive oil. Plus, it is deliciously healthy, and a great way to keep the hunger pangs away! Replace potatoes, pasta or rice with a portion of vegetables and have for dinner with some lean meat.


salmonSalmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids (vital to bodily metabolism, but cannot be synthesized by the human body). Upon consumption of salmon, the human body increases the levels of a hormone called leptin that has been proven to suppress hunger. If you prefer not to partake in the eating of salmon, try herring or tuna instead.


Do you enjoy a little cinnamon from time to time? Try sprinkling it on your coffee, or your breakfast cereal. Like a few other spices, such as ginger and cloves, cinnamon lowers the level of sugar in the blood, which then makes you feel less hungry.

Flax Seeds

Flax seeds can make for an attractive addition to foods such as smoothies, salads, or yogurts. They offer a healthy mix of essential fatty acids in addition to soluble fibre. The consumption of flax seeds will help to keep you feeling satiated and fueled up.


Eating a little salad prior to a main meal can help you to reduce the amount you consume at the main meal time. A little salad is enough to pass a signal to your brain that you’re receiving the desired calories. Because it takes around 20 minutes for your brain to receive the message from your stomach that you are full up, enjoying a nutritious salad just before the main meal is a good way to suppress an over-eager appetite.

Hot Sauce

Apparently, the hotter you like it, the more appetite suppression you experience! Tabasco sauce packs a really hot punch, plus it’s made up of only natural ingredients – red Tabasco peppers, all-natural vinegar, and salt, to be exact. So sprinkle some Tabasco on your favourite dishes. After all, the spiciness can keep you from overeating and helps you stay fuller, longer.

Whey Protein

Protein is renowned for its ability to suppress the appetite, but whey protein is even better! Whey protein is possibly best recognized in the form of a liquid meal, but it is also a constituent of a number of foods such as ricotta cheese. Recent research has shown that those who regularly consume whey protein then consume far less calories in their next meal than they would otherwise. Make sure to get a good protein shaker or blender bottle so you can mix your whey protein powder on the go.

Even if these foods can curb your eating habits, it doesn’t mean that you should consume them excessively. Keep in mind that anything in excess can negate the suppressing abilities too and add more calories to your body so make sure to eat it moderately and wisely. And more importantly, combine it with regular exercise.

Appetite can be affected by emotions such as boredom, depression, happiness, loneliness, or even by medications, so it is very important to incorporate some meditations in your life and surround yourself with happy, positive people as much as you can.

So now what are you waiting for? Forget about the over the counter (OTC) or prescription appetite suppressant supplements or pills and start your grocery shopping with these delicious, healthy foods.

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